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Peaches and Cream ’17 Shortlist and Winners

  1. Ksenia Burnasheva
  2. Michael Novotny
  3. Marina Mche
    Beyond Norms III
  4. Lewis Khan
  5. Laura Thompson
    Sight 1
  6. Hiro Tanaka
  7. Gökhan Tanriöver
    Back-Garden Mosque
  8. David Diez
  9. James Berrington
    Whitburn Orange Multi
  10. Clay Jordan
  11. Alice Joiner
    Untitled (Self portrait at Boarding School)

We are very proud to announce this year Peaches and Cream 2017 shortlist. We were very impressed by the standard of work submitted this year, with submission from over 35 country. The years shortlist captures a diverse mix of genres and themes; from Michael Novotny documentary project of a remote settlement called Ittoqqortoormiit on the Arctic cicrcle in northeast Greenland, to Laura Thompson’s project, ‘Senseless’ , who created full body suits out of everyday objects.

The work was exhibited at Photofusion Gallery, with the winners being Laura Thompson as the overall winner and Marina Mche and this years graduate winner.