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Audrey Bardou

Audrey Bardou lives and works in the south of France mainly in the commercial industry as well as working on her own photographic projects.

Bardou’s passion for photography started in her adolescence when her parents gave her a compact camera.  At the time, her musician friends were keen for her to photograph them. She went on to study the Professional Baccalaureate of Photography at ESMA (école supérieure des métiers artistiques in Montpellier).

Bardou’s photography resembles a humanist and social style. She documents other people’s lives to explore both the intimate and the personal. In 2004 she began working on a project documenting the end of her grandfather’s life. She then went on to work on 15 Minutes, a project shot over three years about a French sex worker. As a result of this work, she was invited to exhibit at the Festival Voix Off and the gallery SFR at Les Rencontres d’Arles 2008. She also exhibited at the Festival Européen de la photo de nu 2009 in Arles, as well as exhibiting at the NKA* photography gallery in Brussels.

Bardou’s work has been shortlisted for a number of awards includingthe Prix Scam Roger Pic award in 2007, the SFR Young Talent in Photography 2009, the Grand Prix Photsoc of 2008, as well as the SFR Young Talent in Photography award at Arles in 2008.

‘This passion allows me to fix the moments of my life. I don’t have a very good memory but as soon as I photograph something, I remember very sharply, my feelings… It also allows me to go towards others. I am very curious to see how people live.