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David Diez

This image is from David’s  project, ‘Cristina’ heres some more information about his project.

They say you have to find out who you are as if there would be a single you within yourself.

But identity is a polygon, a multifaceted shape that brings back different versions of your own image depending on the situation you are facing. This is you from Plato’s cave, non-euclidean geometry

Spring has just started and Cristina has some free time. She comes to my studio almost every morning for a month. We talk about photography and light, about why she wants me to make a portrait of her. She is playful and easy to spend time with. We have contemporary light discussions about Instagram and selfies, about how you show a constructed version of yourself. “We are a collection of images” she says, but we agree that it is usually a flat collection. I make a little set out of curved mirrors a la Kertész, and we play a game: we look for images that can have a title. So the “Siamese Kissing Ladies” appear and so the “Flesh Mountain with Hands” does. In my eyes we are giving birth to new creatures. In hers, she can recognise different versions of herself all the time.

All images were taken in March, 2017.

In the end I could see myself too in most of them. Identical things are not always alike.