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Gina Glover

Gina Glover lives and works in England and France. She is a co-founder and director of Photofusion Photography Centre in London. In 2008 Gina received the Royal Photographic Society’s Hood Medal, and she has been twice winner of the Medical Research Council/Novartis/Daily Telegraph Visions of Science Award.

Much of Gina’s work involves stories, symbols and time. She explores sensual and emotional responses to the world, much as one does as a child. Using a simple pinhole camera which is little more than a box with a light-hole – she constructs images through layering light on film, a process which seemingly slows down time and alters our perceptual balance. 
Gina Glover’s book, Object of Colour: Baltic Coast, recently published by Foxhall Publishing Ltd, is a collaboration with the novelist and poet Kay Syrad, featuring Kay’s poems made in response to Gina’s photographs of Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Estonia.

Gina’s latest project Playgrounds of War: Photographs of Britain and Eastern Europe, focuses on the remaindered aesthetics of past wars, avoided wars and possible wars. These photographs deal with the monumental and emotional detritus of abandoned military bases, drawing upon Gina’s childhood memories and her continuing sense of vulnerability in the face of military force. In joining her investigation of decaying military sites – secret airfields, coastal forts, gun emplacements, and nuclear missile sites – we uncover the traces of their past destructive power and also, more positively, how such places eventually succumb to the corrosive but rejuvenating power of time and nature.

Photofusion picture library distributes her social documentary photography, and Millennium and Corbis distribute her art photography. Her fine art prints are distributed and available in galleries in France, the UK and the USA.