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Indre Serpytyte

Indre Serpytyte completed her BA in Photography at the University of Brighton in 2006 and subsequently her MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art.   She is already the recipient of numerous awards including the Leica Prize – Short listed, the Fujifilm Distinction Awards – Third Prize, the Terry O’Neill Award – Specially Commended, the International Colour Awards, 2nd Annual Photography Master Cup and the International Photographic Art Prize “Arte Laguna” – Finalist.

A winner of the 2006 Jerwood Photography Awards for the work ‘A State of Silence’ the subject of this work is Indre’s investigations into the death of her father. Indre was born in Lithuania, her father Albiinas Serpytis died there in October 2001 in a ‘car accident’.  The Lithuanian papers wrote that it was a “painful misfortune (a catastrophe)”, when the Head of Government Security died.  His death was premeditated and brutal.  For Indre this was sufficient proof, he had been eliminated.