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Millennium Images



James Berrington

This image is from James’s  project, ‘Modern Living’ heres some more information about his project.

Modern Living is a series of still life images of bricks, a response to the housing crisis in the UK. The enormity and complexity of this is distilled here to its most basic (and literal) building block, the house brick.

These bricks are elevated to fetishised status, presented life size and hyper-sharp. They are disconnected from reality and purpose; the bricks float in space within the image and the aluminium-mounted prints float from the wall. The uniformity of presentation invites comparison, much as we may do when choosing any product, or if lucky, a home.

Individual labels detail the dimensions, mode of production, and crucially the name of each brick, evocative of geography or other products. Despite their sometimes ragged and irregular appearance, all the bricks are new and mostly machine made.

The intention is that viewers may reflect on their own experiences of home and housing, but recognise the wider context in which their experience sits.