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Lewis Khan

This image is from Lewis’s project, ‘ Love Time’ heres some more information about his project.

Love time is a body of work produced during an artist residency at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London between April 2015 – March 2017.

The hospital is not an automated machine but simply a human place – run by humans, for humans. Strength flows from person to person, whilst extreme fragility is something possessed by all people, in both cases irrespective of status.

The images explore the universal human qualities of strength and fragility, and challenge conventional thinking and imagery around power relationships within hospitals between staff and patients – dependants/ dependees, whilst the over-arching context to the images is the current destruction of the NHS (National Health Service) through privatisation.

The title is a quote from the t-shirt of a now deceased patient met and photographed in the hospital. There is an ambiguity in its meaning between the care received in hospital and an instruction to hold time precious.