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Nancy Landin

Nancy Landin is a self-taught photographer from Chicago, Illinois. Since 1991 she has exhibited several solo shows as well as group exhibitions in Chicago, New York and California.

Landin’s work has also been published in issue 23 of B&W magazine “Solitude”, where she was given the cover image and a personal special spotlight section. Her latest color work was featured in the November issue of COLOR magazine. In October of 2008 one of Landin’s photographs was selected for a short story collection entitled Things That Pass For Love.

‘As a child I was fascinated with the magic of the camera. There was something mystical, almost holy about a piece of time captured that could be held and could evoke memories and emotions so intensely.

I use the camera intuitively, not always sure of my intention. Of every image I make there is a place that looks like this in the deepest part of me.  …Sometimes I find myself there unexpectedly and the going there can only be reached without thought.

These photographs are my inner experience made indelibly visible.  It’s discovering magic, accepting the unusual, communicating with shadows…finding myself in that place on the verge of waking, where we are “most vulnerable and open to realities of the spirit.”

If an image can move you, affect you, even disturb you, then it’s caused some aliveness, some shift in your cosmos, a stirring in your soul.  I am forever seeking that elusive awakening. My images are my voice, sometimes a whisper, sometimes not.’

Landin’s photography has been represented by The Stephen Daiter Gallery as well as the Flatfile Galleries, both in Chicago.