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Stuart Mills

Stuart Mills seeks to distil something of the aura that develops in urban environments after dark. In his images we are locked in a lonely night time existence but teased by hints at a parallel daylight world which people inhabit. The photographer uses black and white film to allow concentration on the tonality of the scenes rather than the distraction of the sodium-orange hue. He has discovered that public spaces are usually adequately lit by council street lighting so it is not necessary, or his intention, to use any additional lighting. Using long exposures serves to compress time rather than to merely freeze it. The images record transient occurrences for the duration of the exposure, reinforcing the fact that people use these environments, but they remain intangible and out of reach.

Stuart studied photography and film.  He has worked as a picture editor for a publishing company and received Arts Council funding to take one of his early films to the London Short Film Festival.  He has curated and exhibited in photography exhibitions in the midlands.